VI Foundation is founded on sustainability,

while helping those in our own communities. 

HEBCAC Youth Opportunity Center, East Baltimore MD

HEBCAC Youth Opportunity Center, East Baltimore MD

Where it all started

The YO! Center in East Baltimore serves as a safe haven for inner city youths from burdened neighborhoods. The center focuses on teaching youths various educational subjects in order to prepare for the GED exam, which allows them to have a high school degree. Many of these students have had limited access to the education system throughout their lives. Instead, their priorities everyday center around the basic sustenance of food, shelter, and safety. 

While there is great need in developing countries worldwide, it is oftentimes hard to believe and overlooked that there are areas of immense need in our very own backyards. The students of YO! dedicate all of their resources to their studies, while juggling responsibilities of jobs and taking care of financial issues for their dependent families. It was here, while volunteering and tutoring, that we came across students who had profound needs for vision health care. Some students believed that they were slow learners because they could not read well. Rather, they simply needed glasses to see.

Corrected vision is so crucial for these youths and other people like them due to significant quality of life changes. With glasses, they can perform daily tasks like reading or studying. They can avoid job-related accidents from poor vision for labor intensive work. They can navigate properly with reading signs and even driving. Most of all, they will have a greater enjoyment and fulfillment of life.

These are the basic tasks that we all take for granted with proper vision. Now, imagine their lives without it.


Vision Interchange is designed around the key feature of sustainability while providing an interchange of resources. Our goal is to provide communities in need with free vision health care that includes vision exams, ophthalmologic procedures, and optical equipment/glasses. We involve local hospitals and clinics to participate in our vision screenings by having clinicians provide free eye exams to those in need. In return, local health clinics and organizations gain valuable volunteer experience. We also work with our partners and local donors in order to provide free glasses to those in need. Using this system, we can facilitate an interchange of service.

Please join VI Foundation today with our goals.


Students of the YO! Center in East Baltimore, MD

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